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What else is there to do. Nothing really. Everything. You just lie there, staring into the dark, waiting or even cursing. Sometimes -or rather mostly, I myself just give up and start to read. Quite some pages have been consumed on that account. Not that it brings sleep or rest. The following day is mostly on its knees from the very start. But at least it keeps the churning mind at bay and gives sleeplessness some kind of product.

And who came up with the idea that D-minor is supposed to be the saddest chord of all? Wouldn’t that be a diminished B-minor? Or actually, C-major for all its conformity? Either way. Smoke is mostly D-minor and probably diminished, augmented and mangled for what it counts. Footage is from Tivoli, Copenhagen (don’t we have fun?)


My madness is insomnia tonight
Rituals don’t matter
They just fuel the fight
Your sleep never fails to mock me
Close your eyes – and you’re gone
I’m crazy, alone.
Where the hell is it you go?

Your dreams can take you
Can take you anywhere
Insomnia takes me
Leads me everywhere I go
(Insomnia takes me)

Crippled fantasies of blind nothingness
Caress me, hold me, tie me down
Oh fuck, don’t you love it
Each mistake returns to haunt me
Everything I might have done
As obsessions explode
There is one place I can’t go

Your dreams can take you
Can take you anywhere
Insomnia takes me
Leads me everywhere I go

As daylight swells with hunger
Darkside turns into smoke
As daylight swells …


from S, track released January 10, 2010
music: Arne Hou Uerkvitz
words: Sheren Spence Frame

© 2010 th(is)how



all rights reserved


th(is)how Odense, Denmark

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Recorded and mixed:
Odense, Chicago. Mostly.

All music and lyrics by
Arne Hou Uerkvitz
Sheren Spence Frame

© 2010 th(is)how
all rights reserved
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